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I took my five beloved ones to the Airport today… Dora and the girls, tried to document nine bags… but… American Airlines has now a rule of 50 pounds maximum weight for each piece… and guess what, she had on average 68-70 pounds per luggage piece… so I got a plastic bag and we start pulling some unnecessary things out of the bags until they reached the right weight… when we finished to document the clerk suggested us to document… The plastic bag! So I went to the wrappers and they made a beautiful blue plastic bag (with handle included) for 9 bucks, we documented it and we finally got 10 documented pieces (I’m not doing any mention of the 2 on hand pieces they had) and everyone was happy.

On unexpected circumstances our temper raises very fast, but even with the hot blood flooding our veins is our decision to let our temper out or to have a deep breath, smile and keep on our goal.

I had maaaaany reasons to lost my temper today, but the choice I made help my family to get on the plane right on time and being able to start experiencing summer vacation time…

What would you do to avoid loosing your temper?