Some one asked today to a room full of church staff: Why do you do ministry? While I listen to the answers I ask my self why, and I made a quick time travel remembering how my life was. I was dead… I was having a miserable live, living every day with no hope, just waiting for the next day to come, and the next, and the next… destroying my life and the life of people close to me. Until one day when I accepted Jesus as my savior. On that day, I got new life, real life, a reason to be alive, with hope and a new opportunity on every day. I was able to enjoy life, my family, a sunrise, the rain, and I discover that God give to me gifts to be used to reach “dead” people, just like I was.

That’s why I do Ministry, because I’m alive, because I can help others to discover that there is live on this earth, and there is a God who created us, who cares for us, and he loves us, and doing ministry, I’m part of God’s plan to reach people who need hope but more important than all, is because when they found God, they find eternal life.

Our Internet Campus is a great opportunity to reach people all over the world, to be able to partner with them to reach our greatest potential.

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