What to you notice on this picture?

There is a little bird.

Few days ago, I was waiting for an insurance agency to be open, while I waited I observed a little bird who was getting little branches… pieces of grass one, two times, and more…

He was getting construction materials for his beloved… while she was working on the engineering’s of the future nest for a new bird family. Many trips looking for a nice branch… a long one, or may be a not so long one…

She inspected scrupulously every piece he brought to the construction zone, and if the new material was not exactly what she needed for the project, she dropped out from the nest the unappropriated part.

Then he continued flying in and out many times…

My question is: Who taught the birds to be faithful, constant, to do amazing things like to fly thousands of miles and fly back to the same place… to be able to build a nest… to do what they have to do without questions about… Is this what I have to do? Why other birds are flying while I’m getting branches for a nest… or many others questions… they just do what they have to do… only a great architect of the universe was able to think even on the smallest details on this creation where we live… Thanks God!

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