What would you do with extra 45 days a year?

Every day is unique, irreplaceable, and it only has 24 hours, no more, no less. I was reading about how much time we expend on different activities:

We sleep 8 hours a day; we work another 8 hours five days a week, watch TV 3 hours a day, use Internet 2 hours a day, we expend 1 hour eating, we attend church and average of 40 times a year for one hour, and we have about 40 hours a year for social activities.

This numbers translated:

2912 Hours Sleeping = 121 days.
2080 Hours Working = 86 days.
1095 Hours Watching TV = 45 days.
730 Hours surfing the Internet = 30 days.
40 Hours social = 1.6 days.
40 Hours Church = 1.6 days.

What would you do with extra 45 days a year? I often listen the complain “I don’t have enough time for this or for that…” My question today is: What are you doing with your time? How often do you manage your time? The time… is yours.

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