It was a great start the first teaching of “Antology”. We got a new and great look on the stage. The Internet Campus Attendance was above 600 people watching the service from all over the world, it was a great weekend.

We all love comfort and easy. In fact there is some electronic “Easy” button, that you click and gives you some encouraging words, but in order to reach our God’s potential, we have to walk away from our comfort zone and change from being an observer to become an actor, and when we start acting, we will face challenges, difficulties, situations. This weekend Troy talked about that topic and he give us 3 questions that we have to ask ourselves when we are facing a situation: 1. What2. Why3. What. Number one: What is happening? We must become an observer and slow down to think and observe the situation. Second: Why is that happening? Is there something we can do about it? Like Grandma said “if your problem has a solution why are you worried? If it has no solution, then what for are you worried…” If we slow down, observe, we can make an analysis of the situation in order to act. Third: What can I learn from this situation? This is the most critical part… there is always a teaching from every situation that we can use for our personal growing and to avoid to slip on the same spot again…

If you miss this teaching, it will be available at on the archives section some time tomorrow. There is always something you can learn every day. Have a great week.

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