I often receive the question of what we are using to deliver the Internet Campus to the world. I’ll try to answer this nerd question on the next few postings:

Computer: I built a rack mountable computer to handle the main stream with the following specs:

Processor: Two Xeon Dual Processors @ 3Ghz
Motherboard: Intel PCI-XRam: 4GB DDR
Video: PCI-Xpress Card with 256Mb Ram
Audio: SB Audigy
Capture Card: Osprey 230 PCI-Xpress
Storage: 500 GB Sata 300 Hard Drive Raid 1
Power Supply: 550Watts

We have the computer getting the video signal from the Main Video switcher from live services At this point we are building a new control Room to have a separated Audio Mix specifically balanced for internet.

We are using Windows Media encoder 9 to deliver the video trough a T1 dedicated lane with two streams: One at 350kbps and other at 115 kbps for mobile users.

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