To compliment each other. In general, the weakness of one is the strength of the other and vice versa. By this means, “mother nature” unites us through a natural attraction of complimenting each other’s lives. Some couples do not make good use of the benefit of being different. I’m not referring to being the adversary of the spouse, but more like being a compliment, to balance the focus and the vision of life and to better enjoy it.

Just to mention some of the emotional differences:

The woman is… More intuitive. She has a spiritual radar to decipher things. When a problem is about to arise she has the capacity of detecting the problem and anticipating it.
More sensitive to the problems and necessities of others.
Enjoys sexuality in a different way; it is through an internal necessity that is stimulated by romanticism, intimacy, delicacy, tenderness and listening to beautiful words. She is more communicative. According to studies, an average woman speaks 25,000 words per day.

Now… The man is: More logical and analytical in making decisions; because he takes into account reasoning and logic. Less sensitive, which allows him to balance more objectively situations.
Enjoys sexuality differently, by an external act or an external necessity. He is captivated mostly through his sense of sight. Is less communicative. According to some studies… man some times… talk!

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