On 1984 I started working with a very successful man in Mexico. He was a very wealthy man and he was always easy, humble and a great friend. I asked him what he tough it was his key for success, and he answered me: “I’ll tell you on one sentence: I am a loser”… I got surprised with that answer, because to my eyes he looks like a successful man, then he told me… I cannot tell you how many times I failed on some project, or idea, or business, but I can tell you that just few of my projects succeeded, and that’s where I got my current assets. That answer really made an impact in my life and made me believe that I want to be that kind of loser. I believe life is not about success, is about being disciplined and persistent. That is what can lead you to a better stage on your existence. How many times have you failed on an attempt to reach your goals, your dreams?

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