After the first two weeks of school, I decided to give a break to Sol and Sarai, and I wanted to expend some quality time with them, so we went to Butterfly World at Coconut Creek, Fl. after school.

During our 40 minutes journey, we where playing and joking starting with the traditional “Are we there yet” the minute we left the school…

When we arrived, I was surprised when we walked in to a big cage and there were butterflies all over the place… Thanks God I brought my camera and I got some great shots.

We explored the place, observed the worms, and some different stages on a Butterfly’s live. We learned some about the Lepidoptera (Scientific name for butterfly) and some other insects like the spiders, cockroaches, and other species on some museum.

After that, we where to the mall and we got some food, jokes and fun at the Sawgrass Mills Mall and in our way home, we stop at the park to close a perfect day with my two little ones.

I was amazed by the perfection in all the creation by God… on every detail. There is an incredible balance in the nature, where everything has a purpose.

God created us just like the butterflies. He has a great purpose for each of us, but we have to walk trough our process, from larva, to worm, to pupa and finally to butterfly.

We all got a great potential to be developed, that’s why I’m part of FRC. The FRC Vision is: “Partner with people to reach their God’s Potential” I’m so blessed to be part of this dream, and my family is getting early, what I just got on my 40’s…

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