Vamos a la playa! (Let’s go to the beach)

Today was our first live run out of the house, so we had to setup the Mobile Unit for streaming. After sharing a devotional with almost 50 people at five o’clock on the morning, I installed the Grip for the camera on the windshield, cables, some Velcro on the dashboard of the Honda Element, the computer and, I switched from Home to mobile with no problem. Then we met the video production crew at Starbucks to be headed to Ft. Lauderdale Beach to shoot a video to promote Beach Baptism. While I was driving on the I-595, I missed the exit, and then we had to make a looooong turn to get on the right direction. The good thing about that missing exit is that Troy discovered a brand new Starbucks Café at US1 and Davie Blvd. Finally we arrived at the beach, after all the jokes about “Safe Driving”, “Get a GPS”, “My Iphone can give you driving directions” and so… When I was getting ready to take the camera out of the car, I discover something… I missed the camera batteries! We where running on AC… thanks God, Brian got another camera with batteries, and we where able to connect it to the Laptop, and to continue the live feed from the beach, right on where the waves hit the sand… I’m taking Miguel’s idea to attach the antenna to a hat, will be fun!

You can check the videos of the Trip right here:

On my way back I found why I missed the exit, I forgot my eyeglasses! Shame on me! Thanks God it was here and not at Orlando or Tampa. Heredes… be ready for Chicago bro!

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