I’m being reading a Book of Josehp A. Michelli, “The Starbucks Experience” and it is the story of some one who was able to transform a regular cup of coffee into an extraordinary experience. The Starbucks coffee shops expanded across the world, and on that book, Michelli shares 5 principles that are fundamental for success on a business:

  1. Make it your own
  2. Everything matters
  3. Surprise and delight
  4. Embrace resistance
  5. Leave your mark

The book is great and is a you-must-read-it book. If I where asked what to add to that book could be an extra chapter about how to revert the process. Starbucks has been a successful company on the last few years, nevertheless, on its last financial report they experienced a step backwards on their numbers, having a negative growing.

Why this can happens? I don’t know what’s going on inside the large corporation, but I can tell you something about what I can see as regular SB visitor. Success is not easy to handle… they are now so focused on the growing and opening of new branches that motivation look is disappearing from the stores… employees are getting used to the things and the Wow factor is disappearing. I believe that if they don’t recognize what is happening inside the stores, the tendency of negative numbers will continue. Success can be also a problem.

And speaking about success and unsuccessfully… it happens in our lives that we reach some goal, and we get success… and then, we just stay there… Success is not a destination, is only a stop to go to our next one. To reach our potential we will have to set our goals, reach it, enjoy the moment, then plan to our next goal… The biggest pyramid on the world started as a single square stone 🙂

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