One of the things that is surprising to me today, is the low value that many people assign to their own promises. Teenagers don’t believe their parents, because they never fulfill their promises; Couples say “I’ll stand by you forever” and few months later they walk on the opposite direction; politicians make promises to earn votes, and once the election is done, they forgot about it. I remember one of the first things I learned from my grandmother it was the value of my word. “A gentleman always fulfill his promises, a man with no word has no honor” and I learned to live by that principle. Few weeks ago, I was having a discussion with one of the leaders on the youth ministry at Flamingo Road Church about some technical difficulties we were experiencing during the broadcasting of our Student Service online, and I challenged him to fix the failures, so if he would complete the task with no errors, I will do my hair like him… (He had a Mohawk haircut with pink) another leader hear me and she said… “I dare you… you don’t” and all I said was, well if you make it work, I’ll do it. You have my word… and guess what… they made it work with no failure… I had a lot of arguments to don’t accomplish the challenge, “I’m a pastor, and what if I need to do a funeral…” or “I was kidding…” or any other reason but I gave my word… and that was enough to me to complete the task, so here I am… truth or dare? Finally, the Student Ministry Internet Campus won the challenge, and I also won because the service now runs with no tech issues… it has been a lot of fun and a very challenging but interesting experience with my “Pink Mohawk Look”. Do you agree?