It is funny to have the same quote from two different sources on the same day. Today on the morning, I got from a Latin music forum a post quoting Scott Adams, and later on, from my pastor, the same quote… “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”, then I had a conversation with my beloved about Maria Montessori, about mistakes. Error and trial; that’s the way we learn; a child is not seeking for mistakes, but part of the learning process it to miss the bulls eye and learn from it. That is where the “Guide” or teacher has to be observing the children, not to do what he has to do, but to letting the children have the good side of the mistake. It is very important that the teacher evaluates what kind of lesson the kid can do to allow the experience to be a learning one instead of a frustrating one. We as adults some times we miss the point, we want to play “safe”, making no mistakes, staying on our own security zone, or we go to the other extreme, really trying things with no guidance…  On our adult life, the best guidance can come from one source: God. If you pray for wisdom, he’ll guide you to continue your learning process, and if you failed, may be it is because it’s part of your learning experience, So Get up and do it again!

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