Yesterday I went to Expolit, I paid at the parking lot, I parked on a regular spot, and walked in to the expo. By noon, when I was looking for my car, it was not there, and there was a lot of News Vans, with antennas and broadcasting equipement, so on the next few minutes, I learned that my car was towed. I called the towing company and they brought back my car for a modical fee of $ 101.00, and when I asked the driver why my car was towed, he explained me that McKain was there for a conference or some like that, so security had to remove cars in “logistical” positions… I paid and I went back to the complex to complain. I was upset, but on a calmed way I exposed my situation, and after a short discussion, they gave me a reimbursment for 200.00 and an apology… weird day. If you want to be heard, first you have to talk!

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