Today’s Devotion

Today’s suggested reading: Proverbs 14

I Am Not Always Right Sometimes.

Brian Vasil, Media Pastor

“Arrogant know-it-alls stir up discord, but wise men and women listen to each other’s counsel.” Proverbs 13:10 (TM)

I only fight when I have to. I don’t like discord, disunity, disagreements, or disco. Basically anything that involves fighting, yelling, or platform shoes. Never have. When my brother and I would fight as kids, I’d usually win just because I was bigger than him. Now he is 6 foot 4 and that doesn’t work so I have to out-think him. I have to convince him that I know it all. I have all the answers…I have it all figured out.

Of course, I really don’t, but you’d never know it by the way that I fight, though. Have you ever been in an argument or fight and realize halfway through that you are TOTALLY wrong? You know…that thing called pride kicks in and we are fighting for its own sake. Why do we do this to ourselves? Has arrogance or pride ever helped to solve a conflict? I don’t think so. In my years on the planet, I have figured out 3 truths that have made life easier (and helped me to deal with fighting):

1. Conflict is inevitable and sometimes healthy for a relationship to grow.2. I don’t know it all.3. If I listened to the other person before I fought with them…I could keep my pride in check.

That’s it. No secret formula. No 300-page tome about counting to ten or deep breathing. It’s simple. I have to get over myself…lose the pride…and listen to the other person first. That’s what today’s verse is talking about. If you can digest and follow it, God will transform you from prideful combatant to patient listener, guaranteed.

1) Does my pride get in the way of my ability to listen to others in conflict?

2) When you fight with others…does there always have to be a winner? Why?

4 responses to “Today’s Devotion”

  1. Pasor Arturo, Our family has enjoyed you as much as Pastor Troy this week.You are a very talented man as well as very funny.You are correct there is a big differnce between cuban food and Mexican food, but it is all good !!!!
    My husband has missed seeing you at the Mens group on Monday nights.
    Frank and Samantha Alvarez/Miami

  2. Pastor Troy should use you as an example of commitment in his next teaching! I am in awe that you and your wife are sacrificing five weeks of your personal life to do this for us at FRC! What a blessing to have you at our church!

  3. Me and my wife where prepared before the series to start, to make this commitment. For me is a privilege to be part of what God is doing on the life of many trough this project.

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