Today matters…

Here is another picture with our characters of the “Mystery Picture”. A great president for US, Ronald Reagan.

Today, while I was driving back from Tampa, I tried to discuss with Dora about the John Maxwell book “Today Matters” so we start listening the audio book, before the first chapter ended, Dora, was snoring… (Look at the picture taken with the Streaming Camera), and I was by myself with my thoughts as companion.

Then I remember how on every staff meeting we have at the office, Troy always prepares a Q&A trivia contest to encourage the team work and to have a little fun.

The questions are always related to TV, or Music or something and every time, when the contest starts I always thing… I’ll be prepared for next meeting… and I’m feel frustrated about not knowing about the culture and history where I live, then I just listen to Maxwell to said “When opportunity presents is too late to prepare for it” and that’s true, now for me is to late to gain years and years of culture, but I made a decision, I’ll try to learn a little every day.

On my previous post, I mentioned that the winner for the “mystery picture” it was Troy, I don’t know how he found it, but I’m sure, he did some research about it, and this is it… life is about to be prepared, is about not give up… and to be persistent.

Every day we built what will be our future. How do you want yours to be?

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