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I’m being away from blogin on the last couple of weeks, and I can tell that I’m being really busy, and write a long list of justifications of not writing, but the fact is that I haven’t write, and that is lack of commitment with myself, so starting today, I’ll try to go back to my original commitment where I stated that I’ll be writing something EVERY day, so here is today’s post:

Yesterday I went to Muvico cinemas with Sol and Sarai and we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks, and every time we go to that Movie cinema, my daughters are exited. Also last night my two teen went also to that movie theater to watch a movie and to chill out… My daughters enjoy a place that is more expensive than Weston8 cinemas, that is another theater that is close to our neighborhood and Muvico is always packed. I enjoyed the movie from the characters created in 1957 and brought to live by the wonderful Computer animation graphics and the technology that allows to make any character to look real on the screen.

After the movie a questioned myself: Why if Muvico is farther and more expensive than Weston8 people prefer to go over there, even me?

Because the ambience.

That is a reason why we some times we cannot get our ideas or projects fulfilled. We know those are great ideas, inventions or places… but we don’t wrap them on the right way, with something remarkable. What makes something remarkable is its uniqueness and it takes us extra effort to think for something ‘remarkable’.

How remarkable is your life today? How remarkable are the way you are presenting your life in front of others? How remarkable are, not your projects, but the way you are presenting it to the world?

To really succeed as leader you have to look for remarkable even on the small things on your life, because those are the little things that can turn a simple piece of paper onto a huge mega project.

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