I haven’t posted for two days… I was installing the mobile station at Troy’s house. We installed a workstation with four cameras trying to capture the best of the Launch party for MyNakedPastor series. Today, while I was checking the contest videos, there is one who really catch my attention, the video “Let’s get naked for real”. The author shares, on a creative way, some of his personal life, from 10 to 24 years old. It is a “You must watch video” and this is the main subject of our new series, about being real, about open your minds and your hearts, to take our masks and to find what is inside all the layers that are covering our lives. I’m really exited about this new series, because is confronting me on several ways, it has not started yet, and now I’m thinking on what and why I’m hiding things… I thing this series will bless many people, including me. Don’t miss the launch party tonight at 9 PM (8 Central Time)

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