Wow… This birthday had an incredible jump start. I got on my mail, a b-day card from Garland… the first I received on the mail on the last few years… we are so used to the electronic media that we forgot how nice is to open a regular mail envelope and get a nice wish from a nice friend… and then, after the 2:15 service, I went home to pick up my family to be all together at the 5.00 p.m. service and my beloved one was carefully prepared a surprise for me… unexpected, because my B-day is tomorrow… so she got me! Home-made-cake, candles, flowers, and birthday cards… she invited one of my best friends, Douglas and his family it’s so I was really moved by the surprise. But what I can tell you is what was written on the cards… every one gave me nice and beautiful card, but also hand written very deep thoughts that reminded me how big is the God’s love. I ended crying (I’m sorry, I’m emotional, so what?) of happiness and gratitude to my Lord for he gave me this great, loving and caring family and friends. I can tell you it has been the best pre-birthday I ever had.

An then we went together to the service to listen my Pastor, Troy Gramling on the launch of the new series Rationalies… almost 500 salvation’s on the weekend… people who changed his destiny for an eternity… Isn’t a great way to start a Birthday?

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  1. Feliz Cumpleaños!!!
    Perdón que no sean estas palabras ayer!
    Espero que este año este lleno de dicha, de salud, de logros y de amor. Sabes lo mucho que te quiero y deseo o mejor para ti y tu familia!TQM y de nuevo FELIZ CUMPLE!!!!

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