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At my church, Flamingo Road Church, we are doing an event called “Christmas Express” and Troy Gramling, our Lead pastor, challenged all the community to be part of this experience, to help us to deliver more than just toys; to deliver hope, dreams, dignity and to leverage the season reaching at least 600 families, delivering smiles and of course, toys. I remember that my Grandma always told me “It is much better to give than to receive… and if you don’t believe it, just ask a pugilist”. And that’s true. I always enjoy more when I give something than when I get something.

While I was taking a picture of the toys delivered this morning, one little one came and place two little cars on top of one of the bike’s chair, he suspired observed all the toys and with a satisfaction face continued with his mom to the service…
I don’t know what was on this little kid’s mind, but I’m sure he gave two of his most precious treasures… and reminded me about the history on the Bible about the widow who gave two small cooper coins
When you give, what is really important is your motivation. I just think on the widow parable and the kid’s smile while he was putting the two treasured gifts… He was not comparing his two cars with the other gifts… he just acted on what God commanded to do, to share a hope, a smile to some one that he will never meet… One life touching many others 🙂