According to the Catholic tradition, all the Christian names have a saint, so when you baptize an infant you must give them one saint name to be accepted by the priest. All the saint names are distributed all over the 365 days of the Gregorian calendar and when a new saint is approved by the Vatican, a celebration day is assigned. Why am I explaining all of this? Just because yesterday, was the day of “Saint Arturo”, and immediately I received a phone calls from Mexico, from my sisters, my big brother and two cousins. I used to celebrate my “Saint day” with a big party, and in order to be invited to the celebration, you had to call me by phone, congratulate me, and there you where invited. I was used to receive between 80-120 calls… The first one it was always my mom, I loved that call… I missed that call yesterday. After that, call, after call, and my answer, was “thanks for remember I hope to see you tonight after 9 p.m. will be fun” I used to had live music and some times there was even Mariachi, plenty of food, Pozole, Taquiza, Mole and many other dishes. To drink: from beer to Blue Label. Long conversations fixing the world, I played few songs on my piano, everyone singed few songs until sunrise and then everyone departed like the light will vanish them just like Dracula Count…

I don miss the big party neither the big crowd, but the calls I received yesterday where really significant for me, not because of any Saint Day, but because they love me and they remembered how it was important to me.

When you love some one, you have to think of him. When you are capable to stop thinking of yourself, and you can think of some one else is when you are expressing the God’s love to others. My sister Alicia made this amazing photomontage putting us all together to celebrate as brothers, the Jesus Birthday.

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  1. Esta la foto muy ,muy bonita!!!
    Oye he querido platicar contigo pero estoy en el D.F en casa de mi hermana Lety, me vine unos dias y después me hoicieron una invitación a una linda vacación ya te contatré!

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