Do you think I look to red? Yesterday, my outfit was the center of controversy. Of course I was pro-red, inspi-red, with my blue tennis shoes… later a good friend explained me that the strips on the pants are with the purpose to assist you on choosing your pairing color, so I was supposed to wear a white or black shirt, with black or white tennis shoes…

Looking at my past, I was so worried about my wardrobe, that I always got “Brand” clothes, eyeglasses, socks, shoes and accessories… my dressing room was sorted by color and combination. And I dressed like that to “fit” and feel security on my way to dress… there is a popular phrase in Mexico, “People will treat you the way you look”. I felt security on my clothes. Now I don’t really care (too much) about my combinations… nevertheless I will avoid to provocate confusion between me and a Coke Sign! 🙂

This weekend Troy is going to talk about insecurity. I’m sure that will be really interesting listen about it. Don’t miss it at, our Internet Campus.

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