Today I was trying to write during my early talk with God, and all I found was a pencil. I sharpen it and I wrote some of my trip memories, while I was writing, I remembered a story I heard some day about a pencil, and to reach our potential we have to look like a pencil… If I remember well it was five similitude’s between ourselves and a pencil:

First: We have great potential to do great things, but there is a greater hand that will guide your path, is God’s hand in our lives

Second: We have to stop some time our hard work to get resharpened, if we continue with no stop, even when we could be full inside we won’t be able to draw any more.

Third: The pencil has an eraser… to erase our mistakes and correct the way

Fourth: What is really important is not the wood, the decoration or the shape of the pencil, what is valuable, is the charcoal inside’s quality, that’s why you have to take care of your inner self

Fifth: Always leave a mark, a legacy… and remember that all your actions always leave traces…

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