Yesterday was an interesting day; I expended few hours at Universal Studios at Orlando, FL. I was with Kevin, Troy’s college roommate giving Troy some space to prepare for this loooong weekend teachings. I’m been at Florida for almost 8 years and I have been at Orlando several times with my family, just leaving my older daughters at the parks and taking the little ones to Magic Kingdom or somewhere else. This time I was able to have fun with Kevin. We took almost all the rides at the studios, because this time of the year there is no long waiting lanes, plus we got a “Fast Pass” we had fun from Shreck to E.T. (We almost ride Barney attraction too ☺ ), then we went to Adventure Islands and had few rides, I’m not really a great fan of the high adrenaline rides, neither Kevin, so wisely we just observed those.

We become old when we stop laughing, and it was a great reminder for me to have fun at the park. I laugh, I scream, and I enjoyed as much as many others on the park. God, please don’t let me stop laughing, while we are like children, we can be learning something new every day…

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  1. Arturo, what a great opportunity has allowed us in getting to know you better and appreciate what you do for FRC.

    I want to thank you for the hours you are putting into this and you deserve many, many thank you’s from the congregation.

    Also, thanks for babysitting the two boys from Arkansas while you were there and keep them from getting lost in the traffic jam.

    I am glad you laughed and had fun at Universal and you have a beautiful smile, we need to see more of it!

    Thank you also to yourlovely wife for allowing you to do this!

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