This morning was a great adventure. I was awake early to my regular chat to God and then I walked to the beach to meet the sunrise.

After some exercise at the white sands of Cancun, I jumped in to the car and drove 50 miles south to Playa del Carmen to Meet Sigfrido Paz Paredes Jr., another greatest friend of mine, who is living at Chetumal city, in the south Mexican border, but he was visiting Playa del Carmen, so by 8:30 we where having breakfast together.

Sigfrido, is a brilliant and sensitive man, always optimistic, creative and as his father, a great visionary. We ran several adventures that deserve, not a chapter, a whole book to talk about it. Now we are dreaming to start several projects and conferences to help people to reach their God’s potential for the Caribbean area. The happy and good times are back!

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