After some research, I found the Family Crest and it is just like the one I remember it was on my Grandmother’s house. I always wonder why it was there, just hanging on the entrance, no one gave me an explanation of it, it was there just like any other picture on the wall. There was always a lot of mystery on the stories of my Granddad, all I knew, he was a great band director and musician and that’s all… no other comments, except that my grandmother told me once that she remember when the elected president, Don Adolfo de la Huerta visited the house when my dad was born in 1924 he came on a big limousine to visit my granddad and to meet the newborn. After few months, the president was derogated and he moved to USA, also my family moved to Wichita, Kansas because of political pressure on my granddad who was Minister of de la Huerta’s cabinet… after that, in 1927, my granddad died at the age of 42 because of overweight and alcohol. My grandmother moved back to Mexico with my dad and she was expecting another child… my uncle Jorge. All the family information was stored on the closet of forgetfulness. Now I just start some research looking for the roots of my family… knowing your past will help you to have a better understanding of your today, to help you build a better tomorrow.

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