Friday is my Free-day and the best day for me to read, relax, have some time with Dora, wait for Pani to know where she is going out, so thank God is Free-day.

I meet today with Freddy, a friend who belongs to another Ministry, but we where always in contact, we work together for few years and learning on technology from each other. He will come to help me during the weeks, to have up and running the system for five uninterrupted weeks… planning, dreaming, figuring what kind of problems will exist, and also talking and fixing the world from our own point of view, what if Chavez this… or Bush the other… politicians in Mexico and other stuff… then we have lunch together (laaaaate 3 pm lunch) and we enter some discussions about what he thinks of this and that…

What is great, after all the discussion, we agreed on something, we have a great friendship. Friendship is not about to agree on everything, is about to understand how God created us unique, each of us, with different feelings, thinking, points of view.

We all are diverse unique, there is no one in all the creation like you or like me… not even identical twins, proof is at hand… in fact, is at thumb. Just check your fingerprint, and if you don’t believe be, just ask the CIA if some one else has your fingerprints, and one thing is important to reach our God’s Potential, is to be able to accept the differences we have with the people we are related. Understanding the differences, we will be able to understand some one who is different than me.

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