Surprise Birthday Party!

Surprise Birthday Party!

From 2009 Arturo’s Birthday

Yesterday my beloved prepared me a surprise party at our new house  and we got Tacos with green and red mole, also Sarai, baked a cake, and Tania decorated it. Paulina and Sol helped with the decoration, and my beloved she coordinated everything. I got 264 messages on my facebook page, 28 email messages and three comments on my blog. I also got a surprise at the office from my friends with balloons and a singing “Happy Birthday” balloon with Elvis voice, a special treat with chocolate, mousse and delicious strawberries, and multiple cards. It was a very special birthday, I’m now 48, but celebrating at our new house it was a great blessing. Thanks to every one who send me a message or text or email or comment or card… it is so great to see God’s love trough others.

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  1. Qué padre cumnple y qué padre que haya sido en tu casa nueva con tu familia y tus amigos más queridos…. Dios te siga bendiciendo lindo hermoso! I love you!

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