I’m being playing around with the Social Network Application YoVille at Facebook, and it is really interesting how one million plus people play this game. The game was recently buyed by Zinga Inc and every day there is more and more people who decided to interact only trough a computer. Games are only an example of the future of social interaction for our current and next generations. The question is: What is this related to me? Well, I decided to build inside YoVille, a church… The game is for people to buy stuff and decorate their houses, but will all the stuff they sale there people has been creative enough to do more than decoration, so using the same elements they build a different kind of rooms to chat with others, so I created a Multisite Campus… (With chairs and a large screen) to talk to the YoVillians about our Internet Campus (http://www.frclive.tv/) at Flamingo Road Church… I’m not sure how is going to end… but at least will be fun. I’ll be sharing the key teaching points of our services there and I’ll invite them to experience our Internet Campus, so I’ll keep you posted on this little experiment 🙂

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