Rusty but…

I found this great photo and I was thinking about the things we experience in our lives, like our force, our strength, our abilities, and there is a stated on the Second Law of Thermodynamic that we are going from new to old, from shiny to rusty, from useful to obsolete and that is a law of the life… but there is also something about moving… seeking and reaching what God has for us. We cannot be laying in our glory, because we will stop our movement and become old, obsolete and rusty, so we have to keep moving and may be, just like this picture, seeking for what is next out of the wheel… with the end of movement of the gears, allowed some plants to grow and become alive… and THAT is not on the second or any law of thermodynamics… Keep on moving… and if you stop… look around to see what is growing aside yourself!!!

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