Technology is great to be in contact with our beloved ones, few years ago, our family was divided by the distance, but thanks to messengers, chats and videoconference programs we have been in contact… but two days ago, I had the opportunity to meet with my sisters Tony, Paty and Martha and my brother Jose Antonio in the Family Ranch “La Sarana” on the middle of the mountains that surround Mexico City. We were there with no wifes, sons or friends… just the five of us. It was the first time that we were together since fifteen years ago… wow… it was an incredible night. We were in the ranch having a great time full of memories, forgiveness, love, food, medical exams and fun. The seed of love and unity that our mother Sol planted many years ago in us, was giving us plenty of fruit. The experience to be together again, is somethng that we are planning to repeat as soon as we find another opportunity.

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