When I was a kid, I remember my afternoons riding my bike, from my house to the park and vice versa… The park had a track with a complex shape, and I loved to ride there, it was challenging remain inside the track, may be I felt down several times, but I was never discouraged by so.

Today I was watching my two little ones riding, Sarai is practicing now how to stop, so she starts, and stops, starts and stops several times… then she rides for a while, then again back to practice how to use the break, and back to ride together with Sol…

Then we came back to home and both of my girls wanted to read their brand new books they got a the Book Fair at School…

Last night Dora was filling the report sheets for reading for Sol and Sarai. Sarai has to read 240 hours every month and Sol 400. When we summarized their accounts, Sarai got more than 700 hours and Sol over 1,100 hours… They really enjoy reading.

What a great lesson I learned today. With Web 2.0 youth has no time for ride a bike or to get a book and read, unless is school mandatory. To be “IN” you must have Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook, Blog, LiveMessanger, I-Chat, SkyPe, webcam, and many kids are missing many great things like to ride a bike, read a book or to do other activities. Is our responsibility to guide our children to have a balanced life, starting by ourselves, giving the right time to our different activities because, with our example we teach more than with our concepts…

How is your balance today? Are you reaching your maximum potential establishing a balanced life? I’m working on it. Are you?

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  1. Tus hijas e hijo deben sentirse muy orgullosas de ti, de tu sensibilidad y sobre todo de tus enormes ganas de hacer una vida feliz.
    Por eso estamos aqui para ser felices y tu eres un claro ejemplo de que con trabajo, constancia, amor y fe en Dios todo es posible! Te quiero primo!

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