The saying “Behind every great man there is a great woman” has variations.

Behind every good man…
Behind every successful man…

And I’ll add my own:

“Behind Every Great Woman is a Great Man”

I do not really know a successful man or woman that reach the top just by himself, and this is because we where created to complement each other. We cannot try to reach our potential just on a selfish way, it has to be a team effort, and in order to reach the top of the hill, we have to re-set the priority in our life’s:

1. My relation with God
2. My relation with my wife
3. My relation with my kids
4. The rest of the world, (Ministry, work, friend other family)

If you mess with this simple rules you may be accomplish some goals in your life, but you’ll never reach your God’s potential in your life and here is why:

If I am in good shape with God, then I am strong enough to face the challenges on the relation with my wife.
If I’m ok with God and my wife, together we can help our kids to grow and be successful in life and…

If I’m Ok with God, with my wife and my kids… there is not a big challenge to be defeated with a strong and solid foundation.

There is a good idea to share the Internet campus experience with your partner, and take some time to discuss what are your priorities now, and how do you think your life could be affected if you move to a different order.

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