All right! I received some e-mails asking me about the couple on the picture of the posting “Priorities in Life” and guess what… I’m not telling you who they are but instead I’ll make a contest: Post a comment with the name of the couple… (your guess) and the first right answer will get a Free $ 10.00 Starbucks gift card!


Is no me… (My wife is blonde).
It was taken on 3/4/82 at Lake Lucky, Ca.
It was taken on 1982.
Is a famous couple.

5 responses to “Picture…”

  1. OK, I will bite. It’s either Sol and Tono.

    Or a wild guess here, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera though Frida lacks all of her characteristic costumes.

    Maybe it’s of a couple I don’t know and I’m totally off course.

  2. Duh on me!

    I know the answer now and I know what I submited the first time is wrong. A quick search of the internet which provided me with the answer!

    Very creative I must add, thanks for the fun.

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