Patience and perseverance

I was having problems with my Internet connection at home, and if you have two teenagers and two little ones who love to practice spelling at that’s a huge situation. I tried to fix it, then I seek for support from Bellsouth (I’m sorry, the new ATT), they send me a new router, I replaced, then the problem was not solved, the new router was with problems and so for… finally they gave me an appointment for today, from 8 to 12… 8, 9, 10… 11… 12… No technician…

After several phone calls, and more tests, the guy showed up at 6 p.m. We were about to have dinner… well Internet is a priority for the sake of this house so, I gave up my dinner time to be with the technician. He replaced again the router, and it looks like now everything is working again. My teens are surfing MySpace, and the little ones back to their spelling.

Some days you have to make a choice… to do what you have to do, or just experience procrastination


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