At Flamingo Road Church we encourage our staff and volunteers to live accordingly to FRC Ethos:
  • Diversity: Is there someone not like me?
  • Movement: Which direction am I going?
  • Collaboration: Who am I doing life with?
  • Potential: Is this the best that I can do?
  • Environment: How does it make me feel?
  • Thinking: Where am I thinking?
God created us with a great potential, the problem is that very often we are unable to reach ours, just because lack of direction. Working for Flamingo Road Church has helping me to understand the importance of this rules in my life and my pastor, Troy Gramling has given us great direction on how to do life together.
Living accordingly this ethos is not enough, because I believe I have to teach my little ones about it, I started late in my life to take care of my body, so it has been not easy for me to get in shape, start eating healthy etc… and I’m not there yet… as my friend Heredes said, “The best is yet to come”, and now my beloved joined me on this venture as well as my daughters are now exercising regularly. My next challenge is to partner with my family to understand the importance of each of the FRC Ethos in our family life, so we can reach our God’s potential as family, experiencing together. 
My Family Values:
  • God: Has been God your first priority today?
  • Family: We are together on this journey, so, are we doing our best for each other?
  • Fitness: Is this the best I can eat? Am I exercising constantly?
  • Diversity: Are all my friends like me?
  • Movement: Which Direction am I going?
  • Collaboration: Are we helping each other enough?
  • Potential: Is this the best I can do?
  • Environment: Is this the best I can keep my area?
  • Thinking: Am I reading enough, thinking enough?
This is just our first sketch, but soon we’ll be walking on the right direction to reach our God’s potential.

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  1. Great post! So inspiring! I have been going over different versions of our family ethos also, as well as a concise vision statement. It’s still cooking creatively, but we’re excited to put into words the vision God has given us for our family’s destiny!

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