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When sickness reach us is too late to prevent, so we have to correct. Last night I had a “Acute Gout” episode or as the specialist called, “hyperuricemia”. The gout is something that causes little crystals to form on one joint or soft tissue. What this means? Well is like to have hundreds of little microscopical nails on one part of the feet, and believe me… is just like that. Even that I cannot bear the weight of bedclothes over the toe… all I can said is this…


Since I know that I have to keep certain food out of my diet, to drink Crawnberry Juice, and drink more water, I neglected that for the last few weeks… of course first think I did when I felt the pain it was to get some juice… to late baby!… What I was experiencing it was the beginning of the episode and now all I have to do is to wait until it finishes… what a reminder. When you neglect yourself with the little every day details… man… you are in trouble. While I was on the bed I was watching this last weekend teaching of the series “Garage Sale” at Flamingo Road Church and I was just listening Troy repeating… “Gravity pull us down from what we have to do”…
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