Last Night, my pastor talked us about the way we often see the problems. We have two ways to see a situation in our life, as a big problem or as a great opportunity. Some times I’m waiting for the opportunity to appear, but he just reminded us that Opportunity is made, not born. Some times we dream “I will reach this…. When I get that”, but we cannot be seated waiting for “something” appears on our lifes, so we have to go and seek the opportunity and to get up and running 3 verbs related with opportunity:

  1. See Opportunity
  2. Sustain it
  3. Seize it.

The FRC Internet Campus is a great opportunity to reach people all over the world and I have to take some time to relax, think and start looking for the opportunities that are to come J

By the way… today we will have a new design for the Internet Campus… so be ready to have a great surprise!

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  1. You should have started this a long time ago!!! You will be a great blogger. And if you need help making a homemade, lame video of yourself to put on your blog…you know who to call…
    : )

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