My son’s Grad picture!

I present you to the Lic. Jose Alejandro de la Mora

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  1. Hey Arturo,
    We are so excited that you got to spend this special time with your son.
    I know you are proud of him.
    We are looking forward to seeing you when you return.
    Love you Bro,

  2. Hey Garland!!! Thanks for sharing this joy with me 🙂 I’m proud of what God has doing on my Son’s life!

    Honey! Thanks for your support, all the time. I love you 🙂

    Her! 🙂 🙂 You alwyas have nice words… Thanks for stopping by 🙂 🙂

  3. hello dear Arturo me too
    i m very proud about Jose Alejandrio and very happy to see you chering this moment there with him

  4. ho sorry ma dear Don Arturo i dont know how to crate a personne, the smile of you both is so beautifull thanks a lot to cher it with all
    Big love and big kiss from your little sisther

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