In 2005, I bought a brand new Grand Caravan for Dora. At that time, our old Van, was ready for the junk and I owed more than 10 grand for that, because when I bought the Pontiac, I got a high interest rate (23%). So, they took my Pontiac, paid off my balance and I got a new Grand Caravan with a more decent interest rate: 14.8%. Anyway it was a high interest. Now in 2008 (Two and a half years later), my Grand Caravan was with 45,000 miles, and I had a debit for other five years, paying the balance of my loan at almost 15% I.R. Making me pay almost 13,000 on interest over my original debit. Well, after we check our credit score, now we qualified for a lower interest rate, so if we traded our van now, at the end we will end paying only 7800 dollars on interest and few extra dollars a month, so my happy wife drove today her brand new Grand Caravan, with rotary chairs, table, automatic doors for one more year commitment that my previous financial arrangement.

How important is to know about your credit score, interest rates, long term deals in order to make the right decision, On the past, I made not the best decisions based only on my perception, but one of the ethos at Flamingo Road Church is: Thinking. Thinking is about to think (Obvious) and try to view the wider picture on the decisions we make every day. To reach our God’s potential; we must apply values to our life in all areas. The fruits will show on your family life.

Thanks God for our New Grand Caravan

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