I tried to log onto Blogger and I got a “Unavailable” message… Oh my God!… Is this the end of Blogger? Have they been hacked? Is the I.T. director quitted? Are they having a virus? Have they backed up all the posts and data?

Those are some of the questions I quickly make to myself but… don’t panic… After a couple of minutes Blogger was back to the normal state… (Obviously you are reading this ‘after-crisis-post’) And then I though about how ease we fall onto pessimism. When something alters our common routine we immediately start thinking the worst case scenario. The question is: What do you do when you experience the negative thoughts on your mind? Do you allow them to remain on your mind or do you replace it for a positive thinking?

I believe fear is a natural feeling, but to develop your potential you have to learn how to deal with you fears and get something positive from them for your own good!

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  1. Love the pic!

    I fall into this trap all too often… but you know the more I focus on God… the better I get at realizing I’m falling into a trap and re-focusing. I won’t say it is automatic. It is still an effort to make myself do this… but it’s getting SO MUCH EASIER with each passing day.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post!

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