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Today I called my Uncle Manuel. He is celebrating his 77th birthday, and I talk to him for about 20 minutes. He lives at Morelia City, in Mexico and after some beautiful memories, we shared some toughs and I invited him to watch our live services on the Internet. He is one of my mother’s brother and he was always with a great attitude, smiling, funny and now he is thankful for the time God has giving to him to be strong, healthy and happy with his wife and sons… What is your secret? He told me, I wake up every morning early, give thanks to God, do some exercise and I eat healty food that “Mi vieja” (My aunt) prepares for me! Happy Birthday Tio Manuel!

How great is to have a Internet Campus and to be able to share the experience with the people that we love, no matter where they can be… that’s why this is “One Church Where You Are”