My greatest blessing.

9 years ago, I was having the most difficult time in my entire life. After a complete breakdown, I was ready to take my life on my own hands and God showed me his mercy and I knew for sure there was a real God. I remember my first kind of prayer was “All right, I understood. You want me to stay… I’ll stay here, but I don’t know what to do with my life… please show me the way, because I’m lost. Show me the path you want me to follow and I’ll do it. You want me to stay on this life, please, show me the way”.

That was my first prayer… and the answer came to me. Few days later, He sent me an Angel on a shape of a woman. Some one with great patience, love and understanding that took care of that task and wisely she guided me to Christ, not inviting me to church or talking to me about Jesus, or judging me for my past actions… she just accepted me like I was… and prayed for me. Instead, she showed me Jesus on her daily actions, until finally I found Christ! My life was completely changed, transformed… I thanks God every day for that Angel, her name is Dora, my beloved Dora. Oh! God thanks because one day like today you gave birth to my wife. What a great blessing. Now she, working as teacher, is also blessing the life of many… My love… how blessed are you, and how blessed am I with you. Happy Birthday! I Love you.

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  1. Thank you my love, is so beautifull, what a special Gift from you. I’am blessed, I thank God for you in my life. I love you.


  2. That is such a beautiful message to your wife. It blew me away. It’s so nice to know that there are such real people out there and such beautiful people. Bless you both. Happy Birthday Dora, although I don’t really know you. Bless your family!

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