John Maxwell said on his book “Today Matters” that we have misconception of life, that some times we believe that life has to be easy, but the true is that life is difficult. If we are able to understand the deep of this thinking, then we will be able to be successful in life and we will be better prepared to face the challenges of every day without quit or drop the towel.

One of my favorite poems is from a Hispanic writer, Amado Nervo, and is titled “At peace” and is about a real life, and I tried to translate it, so I hope you can get the essence of it:

At Peace

And now, near to my Sunset,
I bless you, Life,
because you never gave me,
neither unfilled hope,
neither unfair work,
neither undeserved pain.

Because I see at the end
of my rough way
that I was my own destiny’s architect:

If I got the sweet or the sour of situations,
was because I put bitter or sweet honey in them.

When I planted rose seeds,
I always harvested roses.
Certainly, after my Fall,
Winter is going to follow,
but you never told me
that May will be eternal!

No question, I found
long my blue nights,
but you never promised me
only good nights,
but I had few serene ones.

I loved,
I was loved,
the Sun caressed my face.
Life, you owe me nothing!
Life, we are at peace!

Amado Nervo

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