Today was my first class day, and just coming in, I got my first test!

To check my current knowledge, first, it was a Pre-test… so on this test it was reading, math and writing.

First Results: Reading, 100%, (Is good to now at least that I can understand all I’m reading), Math, I got 96% (Ok I don’t remember how to divide fractions) and then… Writing. I check the sentences, read the questions several times… and I think I just got no more than 15%… the teacher just told me… “Well, you said you needed to learn writing…” I’ll get the right materials for you. She gives me the real tests (Now big books) for Reading and Math, and she told me that she will get one for writing next Monday.

So I did the real tests, and it was fun, more than the questions, I was having memories about the time I learned the topic on question… it was something between nostalgic, melancholic and memories tests. I don got the results yet, but I’m pretty sure I got very good results on those tests…

How different is when your motivation to do something comes from inside, when you are reading, studying, or having a test with an inner drive. Your attitude is different, you are doing what you have to do and even enjoy it! In order to reach our potential, we must check what our motivation is, what our driving is, on the live, if is something wrong, there is a good possibility to fix it if we are able to find what is it.

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