Just a reminder to myself:

My priorities in life:

1. My personal relation with God

2. My relation with Dora

3. My relation with my Daughters and my Son

4. My ministry

5. Anything else….

To have balance in our lives is key to succeed. Have you heard about “I’m too busy to do this or that”? To be busy is not precisely to be doing important things… could be also being unorganized or “Doing the urgent instead or the important”. I try often to expend time with my little ones while they enjoy to be with me, soon they will be teenagers and they will kick me out of their life to develop the teenage social behavior. I had lunch with Sarai on Wednesday and yesterday with Sol. It is important to be organized to share unforgettable-to-be times like a lunch, a walk to the park, or many other moments in their lives while we can.

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