Yesterday was another great day in this amazing trip to Mexico. Last night, I had the opportunity to have dinner with one of my greatest friend, Sigfrido Paz Paredes Sr. the man behind the Cancun development, and a great contributor to the Tourism Industry in Mexico for many years. He is the only person I know who was honored by the Mexican goverment naming a navigation canal with his name for the briliant project he visualized.

He has been what I can call a true and loyal friend, no matter the winds, or life storms, he has been there always. When I first meet him I was 14 years old… as time goes by!.

We had dinner at Ocean Palace Hotel in Cancun and we shared many memories, some jokes, some serious stuff but it was some of those moments, that no matter how long we where unable to see each other, was only a little pause on the time for a loyal and great friendship.

Something to consider when you are trying to reach your potential, is: Look around yourself, who are you doing life with? Cultivate friendship and be loyal to it.

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