Yesterday was one of those great days to remember for Sarai, my little one. She learned in few hours how to ride a bike with no safety wheels… she started vacillating, but determined to find out the mystery behind the pedals. She felt down once, twice… and several times, but after few minutes, she found herself riding the bike… she smiled and looked satisfied, everything looked good except for one little detail… now the bike is in motion… but how to stop now? And as she approached the end of the basketball court, she tried to get of the bike… and she had another fall… different from the previous ones… now the next challenge is to learn how to operate the break and keep the bike up… looks like will be a longer process…
Is a resemblance of our life, we are so focused learning something new, trying new experiences, taking new risks, but when we are on “motion” after some learning falls, we discover that we don’t know how or where to stop… as part of the process of reaching our potential, we have to calculate the risks but also we must think twice to find how we will stop or end our new skill, or we are on the risk of a bigger fall.

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