Tonight, we officially launched our Internet Campus live from Cooper City Campus. We been working on the setup, moving the server, getting the lanes with the Audio and Video feed from the production room, setting up the lights, camera, cables, decoration, and everything trying to get it ready for today and launch it from the new studio. We got a successful launch.

I just remember when we where having a conversation about a year ago, when Troy, our lead pastor dreamed about it, and Raul, our executive pastor, trusted me with the project. We started with a couple who recently moved from Cooper City to North Carolina and after few weeks we launched our first live transmission with an audience of 2 people. After that we researched, compared to other services, test, retest and the audience grown every week with more and more unique I.P.’s from all over the world.

Today, we have an average weekend attendance of 1,000 unique IP’s every weekend, we have Brian Vasil as Campus pastor interacting live with the audience, on screen and by e-mail, we have also Ben Newton building complex codes to construct a better and more interactive interface, and, I’m feeling like the parent who leaves his kid for a first time at school… and guess what… children, grow.

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