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Tonight, my pastor Troy Gramling, challenged me to write a name of a person or persons who influenced me on my Christian life, the first name that came to my mind, it was Dora, my beloved wife. When I started dating, she never told me she was a Christian, she never invited me to a church, and she never preached me any sermon. (God knew what was right for me) Instead, she showed me love, patience, understanding, and care. That’s the way I meet Jesus. Every Sunday she was on a congregation… and after few weeks of dating, I ask her to invite me to her meeting. On that day, I surrender my life to God… because her actions, not her words, I got saved.

After Dora, there was another person who influenced me on a great way, and his name is Jose Victor Dugand. He pastors a church at Kendall and I got baptized with my daughter Tania at his church, and for me that was the beginning of my ministry.

Another man who impacted my life, was another pastor, Vincent Valedon, a man from who I learned many things that helped me to start building a better character and to be persistent on my learning and reading to have personal growth.

Andres Ruiz was another pastor that made few marks in my life that helped me to build a stronger character and from whom I learned the value of a quiet time with God, and the importance to journal.

Raul Palacios, executive pastor at Flamingo Road Church has been a great inspirational leader who was able to see on me, more that I thought I was capable to do, gave me the opportunity to grow to another level and develop bigger projects to reach out people for God.

And since God brought me to Flamingo Road Church, Troy Gramling, my pastor and friend has been a corner stone on this new stage of my life, where I’m learning about leadership, and many other things that helped me to think out of the box, that invited me to grow and discover that I have a great potential to reach yet.

I’ll be writing a letter to each of these great persons that are really made a difference in my life. My eternal gratitude to God let me partner with all of them. I believe that one live touches many lives.